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Restaurant Owners: Stop the Stress Cycle in Your Restaurant
Episode 399th February 2022 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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As a restaurant owner you experience the highs and lows of the business on a routine basis, while wearing all the hats of the business. Think about it… when hasn’t there been some sort of crisis in our industry where you’ve had to find solutions for all the different areas of your business? What if I told you your biggest challenge is really where you spend your mental energy and time. And how you lead your business going forward is critical. After all, your restaurant is a direct reflection on how you choose to lead your business and your personal outlook for the future. In this episode of Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I want to have a real heart to heart with you about how important it is that you focus your time, energy and mindset on what you can control vs what you cannot. Once I cover these two areas, I’ll offer you three steps to take control so you can lead your business with less stress, more self-control and better outcomes.

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