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EP162: 4 MORE Ways to Drop Your Facebook Ad’s Cost Per Acquisition
14th August 2018 • Perpetual Traffic • Tier 11
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Maybe you’ve listened to the last few episodes of Perpetual Traffic and followed all the advice, and you’re still seeing a high cost per acquisition (CPA). Your ads might have a different problem entirely.

But don’t worry… in Part 3 of their Facebook ad troubleshooting mini-series, the experts tackle how to fix another set of potential problems that nearly every media buyer has.

Listen to learn the 2 main causes of a low click-through rate (CTR) and a high cost per click (CPC) and 4 ways to get your ads back on track, increase your CTR, and simultaneously drop your CPC.

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  • A few simple ways to beef up your creative and ad copy so your campaign resonates with more cold traffic
  • Why your hooks are so important, and how to successfully target them to your audience
  • How to use the Ad Grid to plan your ads and lower your CPC

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