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Episode 27629th January 2024 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Welcome back to another episode of Man vs Marriage!

You cant always get what you want...You cant always get what you want....

But you can get what you need. Ever heard that song? It's an American classic, Jeanne and I believe you cant get what you wanting or needing something isn't enough, you need a map!

We have things we want and need, they aren't going to get themselves done. How, with the busyness of life can we get these things done? We have a large family, we have disabled adult children, we have...LIFE and these can easily be used as excuses. "STOPI IT HUNTER" ( inside joke :) )

In this episode Jeanne and I articulate what we will do to achieve out best this year! That is across the board.

Begin Your journey today and start living life again rather than allowing life to live you.

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The choice to move forward is yours.