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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 9th December 2018
68: Game Designer – Martin Grider
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68: Game Designer – Martin Grider

Martin Grider went to college for an english degree with a creative writing focus and is a freelance software developer focused on game development and you can see his website at Abstract Puzzle and also Chesstris.

[1:20] how Martin got into game development – even though he was an English major he started doing web development, actually for the English department in college. There have been times where a 4 year computer science degree was required and those jobs, even with experience, were not available to Martin.

[4:30] Goes into the background of getting into game development – writes in his game journal every day, and tries to have a new idea every day. You can use a tool called Unity https://unity3d.com/

[7:00] Making money in the gaming world is extremely challenging, about 1 in 6 from the big game companies will make money.

[9:08] Martin is really fired up about the Nintendo Switch.

[10:40] An Ah-ha moment is that he gets most of his ideas in the shower – figured out some grid movement for Tetris and chess – Action Chess.

[14:00] Getting through college – he had a big gap in math from freshman year to college – do not have any math gaps – keep taking the math.

[15:25] Why Martin went for English vs Computer Science – he always thought he wanted to be a writer and not a game developer – the computer side was always just for fun and that turned into the career. He highly recommends getting a computer science degree / software development – it is very practical.

[18:12] Lightning Round – while he did not take the advice, go to California to start a company. He follows what he thinks is really interesting and that has led to success. His favorite internet resource is Board Game Geek and a book he recommends is “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson.

[20:10] Parting piece of guidance – follow you dreams and make things you want to see and the games you want to play.

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