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May 2023 Horoscopes: The Celestial Favorite
Episode 3317th May 2023 • Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast • Laura von Holt, Alex Gershuny
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According to Astrology Zone, the Tauruses of the world have a lot to look forward to this May. And that includes Laura, the pod’s very own Taurus birthday gal. Happy birthday to all!!!

The episode starts with a recap of Susan Miller’s note to her readers. Much of this month’s note is devoted to May’s difficult full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio because Susan is concerned about the effects of this event on all the signs. But don’t worry–Susan lets us know that she wrote an essay about eclipses that is available on her website! She then moves from astrology to appearances, so next we meet Susan Miller Cinephile, who tells her readers about the film screening she is hosting with her daughter, Chrissie, a New York “It” girl of the mid-aughts.

Laura then informs her fellow Tauruses about the great month (well, second half of the month) that awaits them. Jupiter is entering Taurus, so get ready to enter a period of goodness! A better birthday present does not exist. Scorpio can expect a positive latter half of May, too, and Alex lets the Scorps know what’s in store this month. 

The gals end with a discussion of the coronation of Charles III (a Scorpio!) and bemoan the fact that the Royal Family likely does not employ a full-time astrologer. 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 02:25

Taurus: 10:29

Scorpio: 19:27

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