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Making Space for the Sacred with Julie Hannon
Episode 31425th May 2022 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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“Carving out time once a month for monthly OM, is like opening up a space for spirit to show up and partner with us.” –Julie Hannon

Potential and possibilities — what’s getting in your way? In FLOW365, we have a monthly Om session, a sacred circle led by shamanic healer, teacher, and OM guide, Julie Hannon. I’m talking with Julie today about making space to access how we want to be and what's in the way of that and how to clear out those obstacles to access all of our potential and our possibilities.

The circle we create is powerful. Julie notes that circles are the oldest form of coming together. We’ve come together around fire in circles and women in circles of seasons and care, and birthing circles. There's no hierarchy, just connection to each other and the sacred.

So what does Om or circle have to do with planning and goals? Meditation, connecting with spirit, coming together … These things help us bend time. It’s one of those things that’s easier to experience than to believe by hearing, but again and again, we see people find more time and spaciousness even as they meditate or come into sacred circle more.

We talk about: 

  • The power of meditation and overcoming resistance to it
  • Mind, body, spirit connection, and how opening sacred space opens up different parts of our brains that get shut down when we are stressed
  • The opportunities and resources that show up for us when we get out of feeling stuck in danger and overwhelm
  • Getting out of the rut of habits and worn neural pathways and creating new pathways
  • How having a guide helps in meditation and exploration
  • Making space for the sacred to partner with us


Julie Hannon is a shaman and a teacher, committed to helping you discover yourself, your joy, and the beauty in life. Julie is passionate about connecting with people and helping each and every one discover their own special strengths and gifts. This practice is the doorway on the first step of your journey. Julie weaves all her experiences together to create magic. She combines her expertise as an energy medicine practitioner, HeartMath Coach/Mentor and student of spiritual wisdom traditions with more than twenty years professional experience as a human resources director. Throughout her work, she has been a professional facilitator and teacher, moderating, leading groups  and creating programs and retreats.


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • TRY GUIDED MEDITATION. Whether you meditate regularly or have tried it and it hasn’t worked, consider guided meditation. Go in open and see what happens.
  • CREATE SPACE FOR SPIRIT. You can be guided with something like monthly OM in FLOW365. You can light a candle and set an intention. You can sit quietly for 5 minutes and concentrate on your breath. I have been dialoguing with spirit in a journaling process I learned in Julia Cameron’s latest book Seeking Wisdom.
  • ASK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. This works best once you have gotten your brain out of the danger zone and into possibilities. Ask yourself where you want to go. Follow your own lead, get curious. Get out of your own rut and see what opens up.





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