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247 | 30 Lessons At 30
Episode 788th September 2019 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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In my time of advising and launching shows for thought leaders and entrepreneurs, I've gotten to work with some amazing business leaders. I have also gotten an immense background and knowledge from interviewing millionaires and billionaires on the topic of “choosing and creating a legacy” over the last few years of creating content. 

And while I’m very much “in the process” in designing my life and business...

I have found that sharing openly about my thoughts, breakthroughs, and lessons thus far, has not only helped listeners of The Inner Changemaker Show but also those who are looking to build their business, legacy and become the best version of themselves in the process. 

I have discovered some lessons along the way. 

Here are 30 of them down below. 

It’s not to say I am right. Or that I know better. 

Some you may resonate with...

Or you may not.

I am always INTERESTED in discussion though. So if any of them do resonate with you, or you have better language on any of the pts, please let me know.

Go here to see the written 30


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