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76. How to Jumpstart Healthy Habits for Fall
Episode 7612th September 2022 • Foodtrainers • NOVA Media
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Eating healthy is a lifelong pursuit. After a long time, it is natural to start to forget some of the fundamentals. Now that you’ve hopefully had a relaxing summer, it’s a good opportunity to get back to basic and back on track.

We’re going to give you five “needle-moving behaviors” to give you traction heading into the fall.


I can’t tell you how many people are tracking their steps, taking shots of apple cider vinegar, but they’re forgetting one of the basics: eating enough vegetables. A good guideline is two cups of vegetables twice a day. We like to classify vegetables as top shelf, leafies, smellies, and ferm. If you can get more of these into your diet, your health outlook will vastly improve.

Daily Deets

This is what we call our food log, and it’s one of the most impactful parts of our client sessions. The format doesn’t matter, whether digital or analog, but one thing we recommend is to look at a week at a time instead of day-to-day. Weighing and measuring can actually be counterproductive, but the simple act of tracking will keep healthy eating top of mind.


Trying to get your behaviors back on track is important, and sometimes you don’t want to eliminate a food outright. That’s where budgets come into play. If you’ve been way off track, pick something you are trying to avoid—say, carbs. Scale things way back and try to only have one meal a day with carbs in it.


We like to keep things basic with supplements, but sometimes it’s worth revisiting your supplement lineup and make sure you have everything covered. We have two bundles of supplements to make things even easier. Our Foodtrainers® Starter Pack includes our Double D’s, Chill Pills, and Gutsy, which are great for pretty much everyone. We also have our Foodtrainers® Great Weight Bundle with Rhodiola, BFF (berberine), and Omega-3.

Diamond Days

Think about the shape of a diamond. Narrow at the top and bottom but wider in the middle. A Diamond Day is letting our meals reflect that shape: Small breakfast, big lunch, small dinner. Your insulin is least efficient at the end of the day, and large dinners affect sleep quality and aren’t ideal for weight loss. Just changing what you eat during certain times of the day can have a huge effect on your health and weight.

You can just start with one of these items and really get it down, then move on to the next. You’ll see some results very quickly.

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