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34. Reclamation Workshop Replay: 5 Steps to Building Trust & Demand from 5 Figure Clients
Episode 3722nd May 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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If you want to be the creative director of your own business but you DON'T want to be subject to the emotional roller coaster of constantly being wrapped up in your business, this is for you. As a single mom, building a 5 figure offer and learning how to sell it consistently was the key to sustainable entrepreneurship.

For many of us WOC business owners, the idea of developing enough trust and demand to sell a 5 figure offer might seem out of reach. But in this workshop, I'm showing you exactly why it's not. Here's the thing: entrepreneurship thrives on privilege. And one thing I know after working with daughters of immigrants for the last few years: someone needs to bridge the gap.

Coaching that doesn't account for a lack of privilege is not going to work as well for women of color. Until we, as daughters of immigrants and Women of Color, have self-trust, we will continue to outsource it. And this outsourcing makes the privilege gap wider and wider. But how can we create really solid self-trust? The answer is in community.

Here's how Reclamation Mastermind Cultivates Self-Trust:

  • Access to psychological safety through coaching that acknowledges and validates fears
  • Strengths based tools VS. a one size fits all approach
  • Changing your environment to include big dreamers and supporters on every level
  • Decentralized Leadership that doesn't create a hierarchy

How to create demand for a five-figure offer:

  • Cultivating psychological safety
  • Identifying an unmet need to support your clients with
  • The Sellable Stories framework
  • Defining your thought leadership
  • Establishing third party credibility

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