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76. Part 1/2 with Julian Washio-Collette: "Peregrine Adoptee: Wandering Reflections on a Life in Fragments"
26th July 2022 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Julian Washio-Collette is a baby scoop era domestic double-adoptee, relinquished and adopted as an infant, and relinquished and adopted a second time at the age of nine. His life spans a diverse range of experiences, including extensive touring of the United States by bicycle, living in Buddhist and Catholic monasteries and other intentional communities, and a lifelong commitment to healing and growth. He holds a master’s degree in theology with a focus on monastic studies. 

Julian currently lives in a small cabin with his wife, Lisa, behind a monastery in the coastal wilderness of Big Sur, California, and is working on a memoir exploring the intersection of adoption, healing, and spirituality. 

His Blog, "Peregrine Adoptee: Wandering Reflections on a Life in Fragments" contains many of his published pieces.

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"The Journey Toward Wholeness" by Suzanne Stabile

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