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Building A Drama-Free Culture [MHS]
Episode 218th June 2018 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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Building culture is arguably a coach's #1 most important job. But it's just now getting the attention it deserves!

We've been working on culture-building in an intentional way for a while now, and the results have been phenomenal! Our teams are closer, there's less drama, and everyone is united for the same goal.

The secret sauce though, is in getting everyone's input. Because culture starts with buy-in. And what better way to get buy-in than the use their own language?

In this episode, we give you a glimpse at our process for building culture.

Check out the highlights!

  • Team building with Athlete Types, an online personality test geared toward athletes.
  • Defining the team culture from the players' perspective so they buy into the culture they want.
  • Identifying each individual's and the team "why," helping each person connect to how they want to feel when they reflect on their season.
  • Using goal buddies and drills to implement that culture as they practice their physical skills.