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Bonus - Future of Agriculture Ep353: Connecting Tech Entrepreneurs to the Produce Industry with Vonnie Estes
Episode 72Bonus Episode14th March 2023 • Fresh Takes On Tech • International Fresh Produce Association
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In this bonus episode we share Vonnie Estes appearance on the Future of Agriculture podcast, hosted by Tim Hammerich.

We explore the challenges facing the produce industry, including climate change, labor shortages, and changing consumer preferences, and how innovation and technology can address these issues. We discuss the importance of understanding consumer needs and the opportunities for companies to create premium products that consumers are willing to pay more for.

We delve into emerging technologies such as robotics, traceability systems, and indoor farming systems, as well as the IFPA's Freshfield Catalyst accelerator and its ability to bridge the gap between other markets and the produce industry.

Key Takeaways

  • From climate change to food safety, the produce industry faces a range of challenges. But how can we innovate to tackle these issues
  • Vonnie talks to Tim about IFPA's Freshfield Catalyst accelerator program.
  • Get an inside look at how sustainability pressures, consumer preferences and industry trends are driving innovation in the produce industry.
  • Tim and Vonnie cover the topics of differentiation, consumer behavior, indoor farming and traceability.
  • Learn about the importance of decommoditization, food safety, compliance, robotics in agriculture and climate-smart solutions.

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