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Uncover Wealth Radio - Annette Ferguson 7th June 2021
Automate Your Money Task
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Automate Your Money Task

Getting your business automated, especially the money side of it, is definitely important. Not just it will improve the operational efficiency but it will also definitely increase the credibility of your business as it will make the processes way way faster. Your customers and clients will definitely love this kind of feature in your business! 

In this episode, I’ll share the things that I do and I’m working on in my business to get things automated as well as the tools and software that I use and I find useful. 

Enjoy listening!   

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

- Benefits of automating the money tasks in your business.

- The failed payment and car abandoned sequences.

- Business money tasks--getting your business automated.

- The importance of mapping things out in your business. 

- You should know your data to automate money.

- The tool that I find really useful for automating your money tasks. 

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