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Chapter 199. The Karma Scale
Episode 1994th March 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Believe it or not #199 was actually quite a tricky one to pitch, because it is difficult to focus on the job in hand when you know that an episode with a significant number is just around the corner.

Of course TCD (sorry Lucy) has a secret weapon that can be deployed in just these circumstances, and so we pressed the big red button marked ‘slipshod’ and powered on through.

And even when we are being playful some brevity still seeps through, so amongst the purple gags and seriously reckless tempting of fate, there is a dollop of insight about the Seasons End tour.

Anyway I must fly, darlings, I’m off to pack for CTTE, and I will speak to you from the other side…



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