Successful Career Shifting in your 40’s with Tamara White Hutchinson
Episode 16512th September 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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It doesn't matter how old you are, if you want to make a change and uplevel your skills, you can do it!

Tamara White Hutchinson is a public relations and communications practitioner of more than 20 years and recently began the process of transitioning into the financial industry, with her money coaching company, The Cash Class. Tamara and I talk about how anyone can successfully change careers in their 40’s. She also shares the change she went through when she started suddenly making six figures at 25 year old from making only $35,000 a year. We also talk about money anxiety and how she educated herself into a better relationship with money.

Learn how Tamara overcame money anxiety and how it led to her current career shift. Tune in now!



>> Planted seeds of grit and resilience

>> Tamara’s money anxiety

>> Learning more and figuring out what causes her anxiety

>> From PR to CFP at 40

>> Importance of advisors in running the numbers

>> More room for women, people of color, and LGBT community in the financial industry

Connect with Tamara:

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>> Instagram: @thecashclass


>> Twitter: @thecashclass

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