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#37 Peter Weinstein, DVM - Innovation and Inspiration for Veterinary Medicine
Episode 3717th May 2020 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I’m joined by Peter Weinstein, DVM. He is the Owner of PAW Consulting, Executive Director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, President of Simple Solutions for Vets, and author of multiple books. Peter is a legend in veterinary medicine and someone not afraid to “rattle” a few cages per se as you’ll hear. We discuss the following:

  • His post in Today’s Veterinary Business about his daughter and her journey to become a veterinarian.
  • His role as a parent in his children’s success and direction in life.
  • The challenges in the pool of candidates in veterinary school.
  • Is there a diversity problem in veterinary medicine?
  • What makes a great young veterinarian in today’s world.
  • How has COVID-19 changes the “glacial” pace of change in veterinary medicine?
  • Why veterinary medicine is a service and should be compared to other service businesses and how to embrace that.
  • What business he would emulate as a practice owner in veterinary medicine.
  • How to address the fear of implementing change?
  • The biggest threat to veterinary medicine today?
  • Why is money a taboo topic in veterinary medicine?
  • What is he is most excited about in veterinary medicine?
  • What is next on his list of things to do?

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