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Dice Try - Party People Media EPISODE 6, 27th November 2020
The Black Patch: Chapter 6 - Ember & Bone
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The Black Patch: Chapter 6 - Ember & Bone

In the heart of New Nazareth, our group of supernatural investigators must face off against the fiery spirit of Washington Martell. How will this evil be brought to an end? Find out soon.

The Black Patch is a campaign setting and system designed and developed by GM Daniel Schaub. Features the talents of Earl Kim, Paul Dixon, and Crista Llewellyn. Special music provided by Glenn Davis and editing provided by Gabriel Toya-Melendez.

Catch Up With the Crew:

Daniel Schaub @hemingwaylite

Earl Kim @earlofsammich

Paul Dixon @paulalandixon

Crista Llewellyn @cristallewellynmua

Glenn Davis @somnium.musicprod

Gabriel Toya-Melendez @Japorican1