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302 | "The Desperation Pitch that Launched a Baseball Legend" with Dave Clark from Disability Dream Do (D3DAY)
Episode 3023rd January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. "Overcoming Challenges": Dave Clark's inspiring story of overcoming physical challenges, from childhood polio to becoming a professional baseball player, emphasizes the importance of trying new things despite doubts.
  2. "Impact of Encouragement": Dave highlights the transformative impact of Mr. Schnetzler, his gym teacher, who encouraged him to attempt challenging activities, instilling the belief that one should not judge others by appearances.
  3. "The Desperation Pitch": Dave's pursuit of a baseball career, despite physical limitations, led him to develop a unique skill—the knuckleball—showcasing the power of determination and innovation in achieving one's dreams.

✍️ Episode Summary:

Dave Clark and Doug Cornfield, founders of D3DAY, share the remarkable journey of Dave, a professional baseball player who defied physical limitations. Dave recounts his childhood experience with polio, facing bullying and exclusion in school. However, a pivotal moment in third grade, under the guidance of Mr. Schnetzler, changed everything.

Mr. Schnetzler's encouragement led Dave to attempt rope climbing, a task he initially deemed impossible due to his crutches. To everyone's surprise, including Dave's, he not only climbed the rope but surpassed others in the class. This experience taught Dave the invaluable lesson that one should never underestimate their capabilities without trying.

Transitioning to baseball, Dave faced the challenge of pursuing a professional career despite physical constraints. Analyzing his strengths and limitations, he discovered the knuckleball—a pitch that became his ticket to a tryout and eventually, a successful baseball career.

The story underscores the impact of belief and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of looking beyond appearances. Dave's journey serves as a testament to resilience, determination, and the ability to innovate in the face of challenges.


00:00 Intro

00:46 Dave's Childhood and Early Challenges

02:08 The Rope Climbing Story: Overcoming Limitations

05:27 The Impact of Encouragement and Belief

05:54 The Desperation Pitch: Pursuing a Baseball Career

07:37 The Knuckleball Story: A Turning Point

10:38 The Birth of Disability Dream Do (D3Day)

13:34 The Pulling Each Other Along Collective

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