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When God Asks Us to Do Odd Things, with Dr. Deborah Maxey and Dawn Damon
Episode 3816th November 2022 • Arise Esther: This is Your Moment! • Dawn Scott Damon
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When God Asks Us to Do Odd Things!

Dr. Deborah is a wife, mother, and grandmother, author, therapist, who, for 25 years, ran a counseling center specializing in trauma, attachment, human bonding, and psychopathology. Her assessments of abused- neglected children and the parents in whose care they were harmed became her specialty.

As an expert witness in the courts, she served state-wide in Virginia, appearing more than one thousand times defending the defenseless.

Today, she fully devotes herself to writing and speaking for Christ. Her first published novel, “The Endling,” won the Golden Scroll and the Christian Market Book Award last year. She and her beloved of fifty-two years share their lives with two Yorkies, surrounded by wildlife on a small lake in Virginia. 

Your Host as Always:

 Dawn Scott Damon is known as the BraveHearted Mentor; Coaching for Women over 40. Visit for coaching courses and her free gift!

Free Gift!

She's also a speaker, podcast host, mentor, and award-winning author.

Dawn is a favorite keynote conference speaker and an engaging communicator who inspires her audience to maximize their God-given purpose and potential in Christ. Dreams are ignited as Dawn uses sound biblical teaching, personal stories, and humor to awaken gifts and callings found in everyone.

Dawn’s Latest Book

The Freedom Challenge: 60 days to Untie the Cords that Bind You!

The Freedom Challenge is about ridding your mind and soul of toxic, negative, and destructive thoughts that keep you captive and create destructive behavior. By 60 days in a daily immersion of truth—God’s Word, your mind will begin to find freedom from the harmful internal narration and instead begin to speak nourishing, inspiring, and motivating truths. You’ll find freedom and powerful life changes as your mind is freed from thought toxins.


Dawn has written 5 books and can be found on and

  • When A Woman You Love was Abused: A Husband's Guide to Helping HIs Wife Overcome Childhood Molestation
  • When the Woman Abused Was You: A Complete Guide to Thriving After Sexual Trauma
  • Telling: A Guide to Finding Healing by Telling Your Abuse Story
  •  The Freedom Challenge For Men: 60 Days to Untie The Cords That Bind You
  • The Freedom Challenge: 60 Days to Untie The Cords That Bind You