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Understanding and Holding the Holy Vision of the Feminine Within!
Episode 2926th August 2022 • Mensimah's Round Table: Conversations with Women of Power and Grace • Dr. Mensimah Shabazz
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In this episode, I discuss the Holy Vision of the Feminine Within. If we look at the conditions women continue to live all over the world, we recognize that there had been a deliberate erosion of feminine images (example the Orisha goddesses) that showcased strength as in the daughters of the ancient mothers Yemoja, Osun and Oya who came to the earth to awaken and refine qualities of nurturance and strength (Yemoja); beauty and Love (Osun) power and passion (Oya).

I discuss all forms of violence against women, including rape and how that experience impact body armoring, sexuality and intimacy in relationships. I do relate to these experiences and encourage women who have endured pain and suffering to share their unique and healing stories. It is through storytelling that we may be able to reach out and alleviate hardships some women still experience in the world.

We do hold the holy vision of the feminine within, and we must relate to the regal, beautiful, gentle, passionate and wise matriarch of this earth. We must recognize the life force of a woman and believe that each one can find love, peace, joy, and growth in our life experiences. Through this recognition, , we can start sowing the seed to passing down the myth of the ancient mothers comprising love, beauty, grace, strength, power and passion. These were the gifts of Yemoja, Osun and Oya. Through them, we learn about the goddess in all women, nature and the promise to tap deep within, rise and reclaim our birthright individually and collectively.

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