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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 6, 1st July 2020
The SquadCast Interview
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The SquadCast Interview

On this PodOn episode, we chat with Zach Moreno and Rockwell Felder, the cofounders of SquadCast, what started as a small startup and has since become a leader in the podcasting industry. SquadCast is a platform that not only aims to help podcasters become more professional, but also attempts to improve and standardize the whole industry with the data they’ve collected. Join us in this special episode to learn more about how Zach and Rock put their company together, the technical trends of the community and what the future holds for the curious, scrappy podcasters. 

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(00:55) - Fixing a recurring problem: how SquadCast was born - “It started out much more organically and kind of out of frustration with the state of the art of how to record content remotely.”

(07:07) - From childhood friends to business partners: on Zach’s an Rock’s synchronized mindset — “I have always been captivated by people that had their own thing and were super creative, even though I never saw myself as artistic or creative.”

(12:58) - Building a company from scratch and becoming an active part of the podcasting community — “It’s beyond connecting… you have to contribute, go and speak!”

(22:47) - Company naming lessons with Zach Moreno — “We just never came up with something better, and that is because it’s a good name.”

(39:44) - The headphone dilemma — “It’s not obvious to many podcasters or their guests how headphones impact the quality of their audio.”

(44:07) - Educating the strong community and improving podcasting — “The cool thing about podcasters is not that they podcast, it’s that they have something unique and use podcasting as a vehicle to connect with people.”

(49:22) - Why SquadCast is still solving emerging problems as podcasting gets more complex — “We’re always looking for opportunities to improve the quality of both the experience and the recordings that we’re capturing.”

(51:28) - Zach’s and Rock’s advice for the curious, scrappy podcaster — “If you have a desire to do it, you should just do it. You are going to get a lot better over time.”



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