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Ep 113: Engineering Knee Health and Performance with David Grey
Episode 11313th March 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Knees are a tricky subject, especially when dealing with pain. We tend to look at the knee joint entirely wrong, which results in the knee being completely mismanaged. A lot of the time, people are so quick to blame the knee, but in almost all cases, it’s not the knee’s fault. Joining me on the show this week is David Grey. I wanted to have David on the podcast again to break down knee pain and determine what some of the underlying drivers are (usually the hip, foot, and/or ankle).

It’s important for us to start looking upstream or downstream of the knee because the majority of pain tends to sneak in through the muscles above and below the joint. Listen in as David unpacks the big rocks of knee health and performance so you can stay pain-free and perform at your best.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [03:50] Intro to David Grey
  • [06:45] The gap that was missing in pain-free training
  • [08:15] Commonalities in those seeking help for knee-pain
  • [09:01] Key things David looks for when assessing someone’s pain
  • [13:10] Common rocks missing with respect to the knee
  • [15:46] Why most people with knee pain aren’t doing single leg work
  • [21:34] The inability to contract efficiently
  • [24:39] Ways to build buy-in with breathing drills
  • [25:24] The second quickest way to assess knee pain
  • [27:14] Knee issues and the struggle to get the shin to travel forward and backwards in space
  • [28:45] How little movement most people have in their shins
  • [30:58] The purpose behind basic, non-sexy exercises
  • [31:53] Why you need exposure to single leg work
  • [36:44] Where and when you need extension to take place
  • [38:05] Understanding muscle activity and the importance of relaxing
  • [45:28] Where to find David Grey


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