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Bioregioning Tayside - with Hannah Rudman
Episode 121st January 2022 • The SRUC Podcast • Scotland's Rural College
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SRUC's Dr Hannah Rudman hosts this podcast on bioregioning the Tayside area in Scotland.

By the end of this half-hour podcast you'll understand the concept of a bioregion and how it helps us see the places we live and work with new eyes.

You'll learn about the project in Tayside which is helping regenerate local natural capital.

Hannah is co-lead of SRUC's Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre. Their goal is to research and build ecosystem markets to meet net-zero targets and reverse the biodiversity decline. We support thriving rural communities through regenerative agriculture and conservation.

This episode was previously available in SRUC's Thriving Natural Capital podcast. We're consolidating our podcast episodes under one SRUC-wide podcast.

Learn more at the Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre pages.




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