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How To Overcome the Issue of Infertility with Mary Shackleton
Episode 2628th June 2023 • Resilient Health Radio • Dr. Darin Ingels
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Infertility is a truly devastating time - and it seems to affect more and more people each and every day. As a matter of fact, in the past several decades, men's sperm count has dropped by a devastating 50%! But why? It goes without saying that infertility hits close to home for many people these days… are environmental toxins to blame?  

In today’s episode of Resilient Health Radio, Dr. Darin sits down with the founder of Holistica Integrative Care, Dr. Mary Shackelton, to talk about fertility and preconception care. Dr. Shackelton has been practicing naturopathic care for 25 years and currently focuses on environmental medicine and the conditions associated with toxic exposures. 

Tune in to learn more about:

  • [02:06] - Contributing factors to the fertility decline
  • [05:05] - Things you can do to increase fertility (and your health!)
  • [09:58] - Environmental influence in neurological development 
  • [15:47] - What’s the process of detoxing? Is it for everyone?
  • [19:56] - Glutathione and pregnancy

Want to learn more? Click below to grab a copy of Dr. Mary Shackelton’s book:

Pre-Conception Cleanse: Detoxify your Life - Inside and Out