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Live Better. Sell Better. - Kevin Dorsey 7th July 2021
Scaling Success with George Leith!
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Scaling Success with George Leith!

Guest: George Leith

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgeleith/

Topic: Scaling Success

Quick Intro: When it comes to scaling teams, there are so many elements that go into it. Scaling headcount. Scaling efficiencies. Scaling skills and more. Most people only know how to do one of the 3, but todays guest knows how to do all 3. That’s why I’m so pumped to have George Leith on the show today. He is currently the CCO at Vendasta leading over 225 revenue focused individuals. But he doesn't just focus on his team, he also has found several ways to give back He is the host of his own podcast called Conquer Local helping small businesses scale, and is also a founding member of the Revenue collective in Toronto. This guy gets scaling. Get gets giving bac, and I’m pumped to dive in!

Short and Sweet/Set the stage 

  1. When it comes to scaling, what do alot of people get wrong?

Core Questions

  1. How do you scale a team via headcount - Recruiting without Diluting. 
  2. Scaling Skills - It’s one thing if you know how to do it, how do you scale skills across your org.
  3. Scale a Culture - How do you maintain a culture as an org 5-10x in growth. 
  4. What could b2b companies learn from their local ‘mom and pop’ companies?
  5. You’ve interviewed 100s of people, what are the common trends of the top performers.