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Cyber Security Interviews - Douglas A. Brush | Weekly Interviews w/ InfoSec Pros 6th May 2019
#069 – Ben Johnson: Break Down The Problems
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#069 – Ben Johnson: Break Down The Problems

Ben Johnson is CTO and co-founder of Obsidian Security. Prior to founding Obsidian, he co-founded Carbon Black and most recently served as the company’s Chief Security Strategist. As the company’s original CTO, he led efforts to create the powerful capabilities that helped define the next-generation endpoint security space. Prior to Carbon Black, Ben was an NSA computer scientist and later worked as a cyber engineer in an advanced intrusion operations division for the intelligence community.

Ben is active in the cybersecurity community, where he is a technical advisor to the US FISA Court and sits on boards of multiple security startups. Johnson earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.

In this episode we discuss starting with the NSA, starting Carbon Black, focusing on the endpoint, identity security, government compliance, why everyone is in sales, picking your founder team, and so much more.

Where you can find Ben: