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The Swypit Show - Episode 8 (The Client Experience at Swypit)
Episode 812th January 2022 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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What does it look like to be a client at Swypit? This is the question we're addressing in the latest installment of The Swypit Show!

Not only have Kevin and the team at Swypit have earned an incredible A+ Rating and Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but they've also received zero customer complaints through the BBB.

When you're working with a professional and distinguished organization like Swypit, it shows. Listen as Kevin explores the countless benefits of being a Swypit client, including business connections for you and your company.

There's so many benefits to unpack in this episode. So sit back, relax, and consider whether switching to Swypit is the best move for you and your business!


0:06 - Happy New Year from the team at Swypit

1:00 - Kevin has been in the credit card processing business for 24 years now

3:30 - What does the client experience look like at Swypit?

5:50 - "I love what I do"

8:00 - Our network of clients is vast and it pays to be a part of our family

13:45 - The various devices we provide at Swypit

15:00 - What the first meeting with Swypit looks like

21:00 - Quickbooks and the issues people experience when using it

23:00 - Working with a point-of-sale company

26:00 - Kevin's involvement in books and movies

31:00 - Jay Abraham and Kevin's relationship with him

33:50 - How to get in touch with the team at Swypit

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