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5 Things SBLs Need To Know About Procurement
Episode 38th April 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Lorraine Ashover, Director of Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services, shares 5 things that all SBLs need to know about procurement! 

The episode at a glance:

[2:07] Lorraine tells me why she wanted to work in the education sector, how she got into procurement and why it can be a tricky area to navigate

[8:01] – Learn about the impact of Brexit on procurement processes – what’s the same and what’s changed 

[14:08] – Learn to how to assess which procurement process to use and when you might consider switching it up

[24:28] – Lorraine emphasises why you should always read the fine print in contracts and shares her tips on how you can tweak contracts to work to your advantage

[35:23] – Lorraine explains how to put contract management systems in place after you have completed the procurement process

[47:55] – Lorraine explains the benefits of collaboration in the procurement process and shares some examples

[58:13] Lorraine discusses how contracts have been affected by the pandemic and how they may be impacted moving forward

[60:30] – Find out which frameworks Lorraine recommends and when to consider using them

[67:07] – Listen to Lorraine’s recommendations as to where you can find further procurement advice and support

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You can find Lorraine at:

-       Website:  

-       Twitter: @minervapcsboss

Procurement Advice and Support for School Business Leaders:

-       DfE Buying for Schools & Regional Buying Hubs

-       Achilles – Public Sector Procurement

-       Procurement Portal – Mills & Reeve

-       ISBL – Chartered Institute Purchasing & Supply Award

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