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E356 - A passionate marketing professional who leads business owners to success with empathy and experience | with Tyler Pigott
Episode 35625th July 2023 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Tyler has established himself as an experienced marketing and communications professional focusing on innovative technologies and diverse groups of people. As the CEO and founder of Loan for Creative, a digital marketing agency, he utilizes his expertise to optimize the path to purchase and create an environment that fosters new business acquisition. In addition to his work with Loan for Creative, Tyler is a renowned professional speaker and business coach. He collaborates with entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders, guiding them through challenges and helping them achieve long-term stability. His commitment to serving others is evident in his passion for seeing their ideas come to fruition and flourish.

With years of experience and a genuine desire to help others succeed, Tyler is a valuable asset to any business or individual seeking guidance in marketing, communications, or leadership. He has a unique passion for people, which sets him apart from others. He thrives on being around others and witnessing their success, always looking for ways to support and help them achieve their goals. Tyler’s innate desire to see others succeed has translated seamlessly into his business ventures. Whether building teams, executing services, or serving customers, he always puts himself in the shoes of the person he’s helping. Approaching each situation empathetically, striving to understand the individual's needs and motivations to find the best way to support them. 

This genuine desire to help others and an ability to empathize with those he works with, make Tyler an excellent choice for those seeking to build a business or team that prioritizes people and their success. He has lived a diverse and fascinating life, experiencing a wide range of scenarios and situations. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, he watched his father build a successful business with hundreds of employees across the West Coast. In addition to his family background, he has experience growing up on a Christmas tree farm, paying his way through college as a DJ, and working in corporate America. These varied experiences have given him a unique perspective on life and business, and have undoubtedly contributed to their success as an entrepreneur.

Despite the challenges and obstacles he’s faced, Tyler has remained resilient and adaptable. He has used his experiences to inform his decisions and grow his business, building a successful venture that reflects his diverse background and unique perspective. Tyler’s journey serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the power of perseverance and the importance of embracing one's unique experiences and background. The agency Tyler leads is focused on understanding and optimizing the customer journey, which he believes is a subject often overlooked in the digital marketing industry. He specializes in assessing where his clients are currently, identifying where they want to go, and developing recommendations to get them there.

Most clients already have some sort of digital presence, whether it's a landing page or social media accounts, and the agency works to fill in the gaps and build a cohesive strategy that maps out the customer journey. Tyler suggests looking at past customers and determining who was most profitable and enjoyable to work with to identify the ideal customer. Data collection from previous jobs and areas of expertise is also valuable in determining which industries to target.

Tyler's agency aims to comprehend the present state of the market for its clients, identify their desired destination, and provide recommendations to achieve it. To design the ideal customer journey, Tyler begins by analyzing the client's current customer base and identifying profitable and well-served customers. He then gathers data on customer preferences and industries and creates tailored content that resonates with potential customers throughout the decision-making process. While there may be a general customer journey path, each industry and customer has distinctive requirements and preferences that need to be considered.

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your sales team, you can identify key pain points, and target audiences, and craft messaging that resonates with your ideal customer. This can help you build awareness, generate leads, and ultimately guide prospects through a tailored customer journey that meets their needs and leads to conversion. The approach may vary based on industry and specific business goals, but the foundation of understanding your target audience remains critical for success.

In this episode:

[02:00] Tyler empathizes with customers allowing him to execute services that meet their needs.

  • His unique experiences shaped his approach to building teams and coaching others.
  • A former corporate employee, Tyler shares the challenges of transitioning into an entrepreneur

[05:00] Focusing on the customer journey is overlooked in the digital marketing service industry.

  • Identify where customers are going to make recommendations and help them get there.
  • It's important to niche down and define who your customer is. 

[7:00] Collect data from previous jobs to inform the target audience and industry selection.

  • Specialize in understanding a current landscape to help clients build a customer journey.
  • Look at current customers to narrow down the target audience and profitable industries.

[10:00] Crafting a customer journey requires data collection and an understanding of the 

customer's industry and sales process.

  • Consistent lead generation is important to ensure business growth.
  • Providing excellent customer service is essential to retain customers.

[13:00] Build awareness as the 1st stage to attracting customers into an ecosystem/community.

  • Plumbers, locksmiths, and doctors require different approaches to building trust and attracting customers.
  • Primary care physicians have more time to build trust and put out informative content.

[16:00] Educating clients by asking questions and understanding their decision-making process.

  • Influencers play a significant role in building trust and educating potential buyers.
  • Stepping stones to move someone from general interest to making a purchase decision.