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Catering Ideas for Restaurants to Survive COVID with Sandy Korem
Episode 39th September 2020 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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In this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast, host David Scott Peters interviews Sandy Korem. Sandy is the CEO and founder of The Festive Kitchen, a one-of-a-kind catering company based in Dallas. No other catering company in America has established such a diverse and profitable take-home catering division. In her second company, The Catering Coach, Sandy uses her 25 years of catering experience to teach independent restaurant owners and caterers how to maximize their catering profits. Her teaching focuses on increasing sales and profits with little or no investment and how to maximize earning potential by adding multiple revenue streams to their existing business. During our discussion, Sandy talked about why systems are critical to making profits. She shared some of the key systems any restaurant or existing caterer needs to have in place. The biggest takeaway from our conversation was how in the midst of COVID-19 and the loss of almost 100 percent of her booked catering events, her sales are even with last year. She shared her secret on how she did this using multiple revenue streams in her business. On top of that, she shares how none of her catering coach members are out of business because they followed her lead.

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