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The Antidote To New Year’s Resolutions? [Soul Led Leaders Episode 11]
Episode 118th January 2021 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Today's Soul Led Leaders episode is all about why we need an antidote to new year's resolutions - and what that antidote could be, to help you to create deep-acting change in ways that are fast, fun and forever!

This one is for you if you secretly beat yourself up about breaking your new year's resolutions, but know you're craving a fresh start, want to make big changes, but don't have the energy to go all-out on hairy-scary goals.


In this episode on the antidote to New Year's Resolutions, you will discover:

  • Three big reasons why traditional New Year's Resolutions don't work
  • The single internal shift that creates change in ways that resolutions only rarely do
  • The missing link in the New Year's Resolutions equation
  • My antidote to new year's resolutions - and how to make it work for you
  • My sixty-second secret to keeping going with creating change, even when you're not in the mood!

Make sure you visit the shownotes to get access to the extra resources I mention. And here's where to grab your spot on the January 20th Imposter Syndrome Masterclass.