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Jeff Salzman (Part 2) - Polarization, Being Woke, the Universal Agenda, Mindfulness Going Bad, and the Integral Vision
Episode 220th January 2022 • Deep Transformation • Deep Transformation Podcast
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Ep. 2 (Part 2 of 2) | A candid conversation with endearing, brilliant, and optimistic Integral pundit Jeff Salzman of The Daily Evolver podcast, ranging from global current events to personal spiritual turning points. This talk delves into culture wars, polarization, discernment versus condemnation, how our psychological development determines political attitudes and values, and how Integral perspectives help us understand them all.

Jeff Salzman is a current events junkie who delights in interpreting emerging politics and culture through a lens of consciousness evolution, presented in his lively and informative podcast, The Daily Evolver. For three years, Jeff worked with Ken Wilber in developing the Integral Institute and their historic seminars on integral application in business, psychology, and spirituality. Jeff is also on the board of philosopher Steve McIntosh’s think tank, The Institute for Cultural Evolution, and co-founder of CareerTrack Training, an adult education company. A long-time practitioner in several spiritual traditions, Jeff has taught meditation and led many retreats. He has a master’s degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University.

Topics & Timestamps - Part 2

  • Afghanistan best case scenario and Integral fundamentalism (00:52)
  • All fear drops in the new developmental tier (03:38)
  • On integrating multiple perspectives; cultivating discernment and fostering acceptance simultaneously (05:32)
  • How mindfulness practice can go bad (10:52)
  • Peter Levine and somatic releasing: spiritual practice alone doesn’t do it (13:04)
  • Finding God, faith, a don’t know space, 2nd person practice (13:47)
  • On being in the zone and Ken Wilber’s early flow days (24:21)
  • The practice of remembering God (27:12)
  • Making friends with death (31:36)
  • How Ken Wilber’s Integral illuminates reality (33:17)
  • Current metatheories and the developmental lens (39:08)
  • One’s own suffering becomes a portal into the suffering of others: the Bodhisattva aspiration (46:51)
  • Physical body, energetic body, spiritual body (51:11)

Resources & References - Part 2

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Podcast produced by Vanessa Santos

Show Notes by Heidi Mitchell