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Why Cancer Patients Should Advocate For Their Care, With Maureen Famiano
Episode 14214th January 2020 • WE Have Cancer • Lee Silverstein
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Maureen Famiano was originally diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in 2010. Six weeks after colon resection surgery she learned her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. During our conversation we discussed:

  • Why asking questions of your doctor and advocating for your care is so important.
  • The specific questions to ask your doctor after a cancer diagnosis.
  • The complications she experienced after her treatment and the choices she needed to make.
  • Why she chose to get a 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion and why the 4th opinion was her best option.
  • How she evaluated her treatment options, including a possible permanent ostomy, and what she ultimately decided on.
  • The lifestyle changes she was required to make moving forward.


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