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From Fried Chicken Pop-Ups to Private Dinners with Brandon & Brittany Olsen
Episode 1114th September 2022 • Cast of Creators • Hvr Browser
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Today’s episode is for the foodies! We chat with renowned chef Brandon Olsen and his wife, producer & photographer, Brittany Olsen. During the pandemic, when people couldn’t go to restaurants, Brandon & Brittany brought the restaurant to the people, in the safest way possible with Le Melon, their in-home dining experience. 

Brandon got his start with fried chicken pop-ups in 2010 and would sometimes take over existing restaurants on the weekends. After doing this for a while, he founded Neslo chocolates and put $20,000 into it just for it to go bankrupt in 2 months. Before starting CXBO, his next chocolate company, he learned how to run a successful business which then led him to open his other restaurants. 

Tune in to hear Brandon’s journey to entrepreneurship and how the pandemic affected him in the worst and best way possible.

“You tell us when you want it, and we’ll just make whatever happen for you. And I think that’s the beauty of this concept.”

- Brandon Olsen


In This Episode:

- Brandon shares his opinion on the perfect cake; it’s not what you think!

- How Brandon & Brittany started Le Melon and it quickly rose to popularity

- One thing Brandon learned about people 55+ that really shocked him

- Brandon shares his learning style and how he just “figured out” chocolate

- What the future holds for Brandon Olsen & Brittany Olsen

- The breakdown of how a brick-and-mortar restaurant makes less money than doing private dinners


And so much more…


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