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Paula Chamberlain 2020 October
5th October 2020 • A Quilter's Life • Paula Chamberlain
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Since I don’t have anyone to introduce you to today, I thought I’d share a little about what I’m working on now and a couple of childhood memories that have been stuck in my head the last week or so.  I also need your help.  I’ve made calls, sent emails, and updated my website to make it easier for people to schedule interviews, but I came up empty this week.  Yet, I didn’t just want to skip this week and leave you wondering what happened.  So I thought I’d use this week to ask for help.  Please, I do this podcast as a hobby and not as a job.  I need your help to send quilters that are willing to share their stories to contact me.  Send them to to schedule directly into my calendar or email me at I just finished these two for my twin nieces. This is how I put my label on my quilts I learned that we should fold our quilts on the bias.  Not sure why, but it looks pretty. And here's my current projects.