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Episode 122nd November 2021 • LEAD WITH DATA Podcast • Rina Gami
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On this very first episode of Lead with Data, I was joined by Paul Hunt, who is the Senior Manager Business Intelligence (APAC) for Club Assist. 

A consummate data professional, Paul has over 13 years’ continuous Business Intelligence and Data Strategy experience and has implemented multiple highly-complex data strategies, delivering solutions for over 2000 users. 

He shared his experiences from On Prem to Cloud “Nine”.  Going from On-Prem to a fully cloud solution is a journey that many companies have either embarked on, completed or are considering. 

With a vision to deliver better insights and enable business growth, Paul led the Cloud Data journey for Club Assist (APAC). 

In this episode he shared: 

  • Is Cloud better then On Prem?
  • How to get started? Where do you begin?
  • Which Cloud solution should I use?
  • The strategy and the architecture
  • Hybrid Cloud and On Prem mix
  • Why getting the right people is important?
  • What are the things to watch out for when embarking on this digital transformation?

He is an extremely knowledgeable data professional, so it’s an episode you don’t want to miss!