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Chapter 207. The 5 Star Omelette Station
Episode 2076th May 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It doesn’t really matter which of the many metaphors you choose, win or lose, the ups and the downs, the peaks or the troughs.

The fact is that when we started this run of AHBID themed episodes we kinda hoped by roping in members of the band we would be able to provide a broader collective on the making of that particular record.

Alas it hasn’t really worked out that way, so although we have managed to tease out a few nuggets so far, this particular aspiration is heading for the bucket. (N.B we do still have Rothers to go, but on current form it ain’t that promising…)

But with every near miss comes a full-on hit, and the one thing we didn’t expect was how each of these chapters have been imbued with the quirkiness of the particular invited guest.

And so it is with the arrival of The Count, as we delve into clicks, debate marmalade and grill Ant over some frankly bizarre behaviour around eggs.


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