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Episode 165 COVID 19 Survivor Story: Interview Matt Newey
Episode 16522nd April 2020 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 165 COVID 19 Survivor Story:

Interview Matt Newey


Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Over the past month I’ve listened to a number of podcast hosts hop on and talk about their take regarding COVID 19 and the Coronavirus. I’m almost sick of hearing about it, but one thing I haven’t heard is a real first-hand account of having the virus. So….today that’s what I’m bringing to you. Stay tuned for my interview with Matt Newey, a 23 year old outdoor photographer/video from Centerville, UT. Who, on March 19th, was Utah’s 78th confirmed Covid-19 case. 


Matt Newey most likely contracted the virus while on a ski trip to Colorado with four friends. 

This is Matt’s Covid-19 story.

First - let’s make Matt a real person. Here’s a little about him. Matt is a 23 year old outdoor photographer, videographer and adventurer. From the time Matt got his first Gopro camera at the age of 10 he has been videoing himself ever since doing ski backflips, rock climbing and searching for the perfect landscape photo. In high school shooting one of his many time lapse shots of the Great Salt Lake he realized his mission is to “chase sunsets for a living.” He further realized that this is his passion when he went off at 18 on an 8 day solo trip taking pictures on southern Utah. He’s a skier, a son, a brother, and an all around good kid who survived.

Tune into the audio program to hear Matt tell his own story.

To find Matt:

Instagram: @mattcnewey




Lots of stories are being written right now. People who are getting COVID 19, people who are fighting it on the front lines, people who are terrified and living as such, people who are creating some wonderful family/home time during social distancing and quarantine.

Personally I feel like this very odd time for us holds a basket of opportunities. Family time. Time to take stock of our preparedness. Time to focus on home and loved ones. Time to slow down. Time, like Matt has illustrated, where you are on the front lines and you have a story to share in order to help others better understand what is going on.

I encourage all of us to turn to love, community, family and sharing to get the most beauty and positive outcome from a time in history that also holds the potential for loss and suffering. Each day write beautiful things into your story. Small and simple things that feel better than fear. 

Also - it’s a great time for families to hop on Amazon and buy my book - LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday - the 21 LIFE Connection challenges. I’ve gotten lots of reports of families who are doing the challenges together and making the most of their social distancing time while practicing fun life skills together.

See you in two weeks on the next episode of the LYS podcast.