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66 | Transforming Homeless Social Services To Better Serve People And Communities with Treacy Dobbins
Episode 6620th September 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Treacy Dobbins, Founder & CEO of Inspire Real Change. Treacy is a published Author and Military Veteran with over 21 years of leadership and team-building experience. He attended Liberty University where he gained a Dual Masters as a Graduate in Human Services Counseling including more than 7 years of real-world application in Sociology and Community Services Programs. Treacy launched Inspire Real Change in 2020 with a Vision/Mission of Transforming Homeless Social Services to Better Serve People and Communities.

In today’s episode, Treacy shares his own life’s journey that led him towards the valuable work he is doing today. He speaks with passion about the systemic problems that surround homelessness, the prejudices and stereotypical thinking that creates issues for those unfortunate enough to find themselves homeless, and he talks about the opportunities we have to inspire real change in this area.

Listen in as we discuss why the systemic approach matters to transforming the homeless social services to better serve people and communities. Treacy shares his wealth of experience from working in Los Angeles and more recently in his local community in South Carolina highlighting the hardline data and the human ‘voice’ of the issues as he asks us all to reframe how we relate to homeless from “This person doesn’t want any help” to “Maybe my community doesn’t have the necessary resources to help this person”. This was a fascinating conversation for me to explore this issue at a deeper level, break through some of my own biases, and truly appreciate the work that Treacy is leading in our world.

If you are interested in inspiring real change in your local community or society at large, I think you’ll enjoy Treacy’s insights.

Key Takeaways

  • The real issues facing homeless people
  • How homelessness needs to be viewed as a systemic issue
  • The potential for change that exists despite the challenges
  • Treacy’s final words of wisdom and advice for what we can do to help bring change where it is needed.

Memorable Quote

“ I believe in people. Everybody deserves a second chance, everybody in their heart and soul, we all go through challenges, it’s the breakthrough that makes us stronger.” - Treacy Dobbins

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