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414 Day, Sharks, and Space w/ Julia Griffith
Episode 2113th April 2021 • Creative MKE • Imagine MKE
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Our guest today is Julia Griffith, Program Director at Historic Milwaukee – back for the second time to follow up on her 2020 appearance, which was our most popular episode ever. 

We get started by answering question #414 from Mac’s book of 1,001 conversation starters: If you could do something very daring without fear, what would you do? (Answers include swimming, jumping out of an airplane, hiking the Appalachian Trail.) Then, we talk about the pilot programs launching in San Francisco and St. Paul to provide a universal basic income to sets of artists for the next six to eighteen months.  

Julia joins at 20:30. Historic significance of 414 as our area code, and how rotary phones work (22:20), 414 Day start in MKE in 2010 (25:00), how Historic Milwaukee has innovated during pandemic times (29:46), what lessons might Historic Milwaukee take with them moving forward (35:00), where is Julia looking forward to getting back into and how might Milwaukeeans relate to space moving forward (38:20), Julia's thoughts on how we’ll look back on this time (42:45), Julia answers question #414 from Mac’s book and we are surprised to find out that Julia loves sharks (48:10), where to find Historic Milwaukee, and about their new walking tours app (52:35), and who is the next John Gurda and is it Julia (55:00)? 

Stick around for a totally whimsical, mainly space camp focused after-pod hang with Julia (and David comes back) starting at 59:41. 

Historic Milwaukee: 


For the app, search Historic Milwaukee Inc on Apple Store or Google Play 

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Imagine this Podcast, E.7 w/ Julia Griffith, the last time we had someone in the studio 

What is a rotary phone? 

A Life Saving Tip: Bop a shark on the nose 

Why do rockets launch from Florida? 

Correction: Space Camp was saved by private fundraising (look out class of 2022)! 

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