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Building a Modern Marketing Team at a High-Growth Startup
Episode 114th April 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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It’s safe to say that no matter what industry you’re in, the hiring market is a little crazy right now. The top candidates aren’t staying on the market for very long, so this is a big challenge for anyone looking to build their marketing team.

But whether you’re building a team from scratch or just got the green light to boost your headcount, we’ve got some tips for you.

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, and Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at Metadata, join forces in this episode to share some of the tips and lessons they’ve learned in their journey to build a top marketing team.

You’ll learn why the type of marketing focus should influence your hiring decisions, why you need to hire people better than you, and how to craft the perfect job description.

Listen to the full episode to refine your recruitment push and build a world-class marketing team.   

Find out:

  • How to align your marketing vision with your recruitment
  • Why it’s always important to hire people better than you
  • Metadata’s process for building a marketing team

0:00 – 0:21 Introduction

0:22 – 4:15 Why building a modern marketing team depends on the role of marketing in a business

4:15 – 6:17 Jason’s approach to building a marketing team

6:17 – 9:07 Jason’s vision for his marketing team

9:07 – 12:17 What to look for in your first hire

12:17 – 13:37 How to vet the right people for your team

13:37 – 19:59 How to decide which roles to prioritize hiring for

20:00 – 23:48 Should you hire generalists or specialists?

23:49 – 27:54 How to structure a marketing team

27:55 – 34:33 What’s the perfect headcount for a marketing team?

34:33 – 39:50 The importance of diversity when building a team

39:50 – 42:30 The top things Jason learned from building a team from scratch

42:30 – 44:20 Outro