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Blue Rupees Episode 21 - Overwatch Role Queue Update & THQ Nordic Announcements!
Episode 2115th August 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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What’d we play: 00:02:25

What’d we get: 00:25:10

Trivia: 00:42:05

David’s Weekly Rant: Loot Box: 01:03:10

Previously unreleased games see the light of day: 01:11:45

FCC Filing by Nintendo for a Switch SNES controller 01:14:10

New Overwatch update: 01:16:00

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered getting physical release: 01:25:25

Fortnite: dog skin/championship/swatting: 01:27:00

Subnautica dev asks G2A for 300k: 01:29:15

Jason Schrier: Activision-Blizzard dgaf about Starcraft: 01:30:05

Walmart takes down violent video game demos: 01:31:00

ESPN stops Apex Legends airing: 01:32:10

THQ News: 01:38:00

Bullshit?: Doomguy in Smash?: 01:48:35