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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 159, 10th June 2021
Prayer 2021 - June 10 - Walking in the Light of God's Word pt 1
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Prayer 2021 - June 10 - Walking in the Light of God's Word pt 1

Scripture For Today:

 Romans 15:30

“I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.”

 Walking in the Light of God’s Word pt 1

Jesus said in John 15:7, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it should be done unto you.”

We have been studying about “God’s Word Needs to Abide in Us” for several days, but today I want to pivot a little bit and talk with you about “Walking in the Light of God’s Word.” 

We covered yesterday that the Word of God is a light unto our path – and it is. Psalm 119:130 says, “The entrance of your Word gives light.” 

As I shared yesterday, if you have God’s Word in your heart, it will shine a light onto your path. You are then able to walk in the light and you can make progress on what you are trying to do and achieve the results you are seeking. His Light shines into the darkness and reveals the plots of the devil as he is trying to trip you up.

But that can only happen when you have His Word in your heart. Not in your mind – in your heart. Amen!

If there is no action on your part to put God’s Word into your heart, then your path will be dark and it will be easier for the devil to trip you up or send you down a wrong turn. Light on your path only comes through God’s Word and the Word only comes through your eyes, your ears and into your heart. There is no other way. 

You cannot tattoo the Word of God on your body, proclaiming your faith and think that is impressing Jesus or will get you into Heaven. It does not work that way. 

Also, notice there is nothing in this verse talking about STANDING in the light. Nothing. First John 1:7 says, “If we WALK in the Light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another.” It does not say, “If we stand in the Light.” It does not say, “If we look at the light.” It does not say, “If we think about the Light.” It does not say, “If we memorize the light.” 

It says “IF WE WALK in the Light…” 

God’s Word IS a light unto our path. A path is something we walk on. To walk implies action on our part – not God’s part. To walk down that path, only with the Word of God shining a light on the next step – takes Faith. Faith in the Light. Faith in the Word of God. Faith in God Himself. Amen!

So, if we put together the last several different sessions we have been studying, you come to this realization. To get ANYTHING from God, we must do several things…

First, we must pray TO THE FATHER 

When we pray, we do so IN THE NAME OF JESUS

We then must ASK for what we desire

Then we must BELIEVE WE RECEIVE our prayers as answered.

Then we must ACT as if we have received the answer.  Not looking for the answer in the natural – just believing we have already received it and that it will respond in the natural based upon the Spiritual answer we already have

When we do that – we WILL see the results! We have Jesus’s promises on it – as we have already discussed. Several scriptures – I’m not going to go back over them, but let just leave you with Mark 11:24, praise God!

“Therefore, I say unto you, whatever you ask for, in prayer, believe that you have received it and it shall be yours…”


Let’s Pray!

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