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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown EPISODE 5, 5th November 2020
Nate Garrison of The EXTRAordinary Podcast
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Nate Garrison of The EXTRAordinary Podcast

In episode 5 of season 2 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Nate Garrison of The EXTRAordinary Podcast.

The EXTRAordinary Podcast profiles ordinary people living extraordinary lives, who adhere to a lifestyle by design mindset.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how Nate's show evolved from being a co-hosted show into a solo host
  • how the show came about from a personal development program that Nate created, the 8 Keys 2 Great
  • how Covid changed the way he records and plans his show
  • how he used to identify cities and advertise he was coming that way, to find guests for his show
  • how Nate identifies what he feels would make an interesting guest for his show and listeners
  • why he adheres to a lifestyle by design mindset
  • why Covid has seen both a positive and negative change in personal behaviours
  • how our lives have the chance to be redefined post-Covid
  • what the 18 month rule is for podcasting, and why he uses it
  • the two episodes that stand out for him
  • how his endurance sports lifestyle prepares him for handling disappointment in life
  • the moment he found he needed to step away from corporate life
  • why you should judge success by how your life meets your actual needs, versus your material successes
  • how his goal is to gain something from every guest he interviews
  • his plans for scaling his podcast, and why he's looking forward to getting back to in-person interviews
  • why he has no interest in interviewing celebrities and uber-successful people
  • why meaningful conversations make for the best podcasts
  • why his biggest piece of advice for podcasters is to be consistent
  • why his parents are his heroes

Settle back for an enlightening talk about making and living by your own rules.

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