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How can the Podcast Taxonomy Benefit Podcast Editors – PEM0021
Episode 217th January 2021 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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Can the Podcast Taxonomy benefit you as a podcast editor?

If you've ever found yourself struggling to explain your true value as an editor and all that you do to a potential client, it might just help you. And you'll definitely want to spend some time understanding what's going on, how it can benefit you, and even some gaps that it doesn't address in what indie podcast editors do.

If the Podcast Taxonomy is done well, it can be a HUGE benefit to podcast editors like us. It has the potential to bring some much-needed clarity to the podcasting space - as long as we and what we are represented well. And as long as we understand how we can use it to communicate with our clients, most of whom will NOT have a large staff of writers, engineers, editors, managing editors, and more.

Listen to discover the Yetis' initial thoughts on some strengths and weaknesses in the work that's been done, as it relates to indie podcast editors. Along with Steve Stewart, the leader of the Podcast Editors Club and co-founder of the Podcast Editor Academy, who joined in the chat, we share some insights, questions, gaps, and more about:

  • What the Podcast Taxonomy is and where to find it
  • What we see as a heavy influence on what's been developed so far
  • Our thoughts on how well indie podcasters have been represented
  • Our thoughts on what might be missing or need more clarification
  • One way that we can use the taxonomy RIGHT NOW to better communicate the value we bring our clients
  • How we can use the Podcast Taxonomy to help clarify roles and responsibilities with our clients

Supercharging Business Growth

And if that wasn't enough, because we want you to be able to grow your business, we also shared one thing that has the potential to help you break through roadblocks and grow your business. We share our experiences and even some reasons we (the Yetis) sometimes avoid the very things that could help us grow.

While we hope this will encourage you, there's another reason we're sharing this: we have something coming up that we want you to be a part of because we truly believe that it can help you grow our businesses and yours as well.

But you'll have to listen to find out more about that. :)

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