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The Impact and Relevance of Financial Advisors with Charles Chaffin
Episode 10829th March 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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As financial advisors we can play a major in impacting some of the financial behaviors of our clients. In this episode of Bridging The Gap, I sit down with author, consultant, and educator, Charles Chaffin, who has an extensive background in one of my favorite topics: financial psychology. 

We open our discussion by talking about Charles’s passion for research, and how he discovers answers to some of the financial services industry’s burning topics.

Charles takes a deep dive into discussing how our brains shuffle through overload and what our clients may be feeling. We talk about understanding our relevance as advisors within our clients' lives and we wrap up with an interesting talk about how Charles sees technology as a driving factor in the epidemic of loneliness.

Dr. Charles Chaffin Bio:

Dr. Charles Chaffin is an author, educator, and consultant working in a variety of disciplines. His work straddles the science of attention and distraction in the workplace as well as behaviors and biases as it relates to money. His most recent book, The Psychology of Financial Planning: the Practitioner’s Guide to money & Behavior, focuses on five key areas of financial psychology with outsized influences on how we interact with money and deliver contexts, tools, and solutions that address counterproductive financial behaviors, flashpoints, beliefs, triggers, and cognitive biases.

Last year, he released Numb: How the information age dulls our senses and how we can get them back focuses on the science behind social media, cable news, dating apps, and technology in general impact us, from confirmation bias to compassion fatigue to choice overload. He teaches in a variety of colleges and universities and consulted with several financial firms in helping them better understand humans and their complex relationship with money.

His passion, whether as an author, educator, or consultant, is to take complex topics and make them accessible and impactful to a broader population. As a speaker and consultant, he works with a variety of companies and organizations to help them better manage their most valuable resource: their attention, so to maximize productivity and creativity.

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