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Respect Your Mother
9th November 2021 • Find Your Kind • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name:  Find Your Kind

Episode Title 3: Respect your Mother 

“Hello and welcome back! You are listening to Find Your Kind the podcast with your host Delaney Janks. You’re currently listening to this podcast on the Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network where students come together to publish content to share with the world. Please note that the opinions expressed in this episode are mine, and mine alone. In this episode, “Respect Your Mother”, I’ll be discussing things we can implement in our everyday lives to better the environment and why action must be taken to not only protect our planet but our future. 

Segment 1: Importance

  1. Kindness towards our planet, Earth
  2. Need for mass participation in helping our environment
  3. Threats of global warming/climate change
  4. Survival of humanity depends on our environment’s well-being
  5. Acts of kindness environmentally focused can literally take just a few minutes to complete
  6. Introduction of guest speakers: Sonya Mykytyn and Harriet Strunk
  7. Why they’ve been brought on the show

Segment 2:  What can you do to help the environment? 

  1. Youth Environmental Society (YESS) Club
  2. What is it?
  3. What’s its purpose?
  4. Harriet’s actions towards aiding the environment through her Girl Scouts troop
  5. Nature hikes
  6. Lantern fly traps
  7. Ways to aid in waste reduction
  8. Reusable water bottles/coffee cups
  9. Reusable baggies (non-plastic)
  10. “Stasher” brand
  11. Reusable masks
  12. What to do with disposable masks
  13. Reusable shopping bags
  14. What to do with plastic shopping bags
  15. Reusing small jam/yogurt jars and cups
  16. Ideas for what you can do with them
  17. Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle 

* Written disclaimer: We understand making a switch to a diet like this isn’t possible for everyone, whether that be due to religious, medical, dietary, monetary, or any other personal reasons. By no means are we trying to force upon/ make anyone feel bad for eating meat in any way. We’re simply exploring the ways this lifestyle benefits our environment.

  1. One of best things you can do to stop climate change
  2. Danger of greenhouse gas emissions and their relation to livestock farming
  3. Environmental damage caused by livestock farming
  4. Overgrazing, soil erosion, deforestation and greenhouse emissions
  5. Shifting into a vegetarian diet requires more than just a hasty decision; slow process
  6. Adopting a meatless day a week
  7. Cutting serving sizes of meat
  8. Feeling better and improving heart health
  9. Eating less red meat
  10. Allows you to make small changes in the world that benefit the environment
  11. “Earthlings” documentary
  12. Helps preserve original animal life
  13. Other ways to be kinder to the environment
  14. Switching off the lights before leaving a room
  15. Trying sustainable fashion
  16. Conduct a trash cleanup with your friends
  17. Plant a tree
  18. You don’t need to be all grown up to establish change!

Segment 3:  Wrap Up

  1. Changing our daily habits
  2. Taking action where we can goes a long way in creating kindness
  3. Protecting our environment is really about protecting our future
  4. Quote by Margaret Mead:
  5. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Music Credits: 

  • Creek Whistle by Steve Adams
  • Reasons to Hope by Reed Mathis
  • Tropic by Anno Domini Beats

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