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32. Emma's 30th Birthday Special with Lindsey and Krista of Almost 30!
Episode 325th March 2021 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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For this special birthday episode of "The Good Dirt,"  Emma goes solo as host, talking with Lindsey and Krista from the "Almost 30" podcast. Emma reflects on her twenties and discusses her feelings about this passage in her life.  Krista and Lindsey share some of their own journey through their twenties and the transition into their thirties, and give their advice on seeking your own true path. In this episode we talk about how the good dirt of experience is fertile ground for growing your most authentic life! 

1:40 - Mary and Emma reflect on the significance of this day. 

Let’s get into the interview!

15:00 - Get to know Krista and Lindsey

18:00 - Emma opens up about her dreams of a career in acting. 

24:50 - What is turning 30 like?

35:50 - Emma’s favorite things about being involved in theatre.

38:30 - How do you feel "rooted" in your life?

47:00 - What does "good dirt" mean to you?

50:12 - What to come away with from Krista and Lindsey about transitioning  through this significant phase of life. 

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