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Troy Dean, WP Elevation and Why Mindset Matters WPCP: 149
27th May 2017 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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Thanks to my awesome web host, LiquidWeb, for sponsoring the podcast. This is one of my first official '3-peat' guests on the show, and I couldn't be more excited to have my friend, Troy Dean back on the podcast. Getting to know Troy the last few years has been nothing but inspiring. I won't get into a bunch of mushiness over Troy today, but suffice it to say I have a ton of respect for who he is and what he's created in his business (and life). We talked a lot about WP Elevation on this episode but we also went in a direction I hadn't expected. We got into mindset, abundance, and beliefs. I already thought the world of Troy so it was fun to see where our philosophies lined up in this space as well. In many ways, I feel like I'm finally getting how all of this really fits together. And when I say 'all of this', I mean how what goes on in our head impacts our business (and that you can't really separate the two). Troy also shared some very exciting news on the show... he's going to be a Dad! Very soon! I think he's about a month out from the due date as this airs. I'm super excited for Troy & his wife (I had the pleasure of meeting her when they were on their California tour last summer).   Questions I Asked Troy You've had a busy year since you were on the show last (almost a year ago exactly). Let's do a quick update for the listeners first. I want to talk about the WordPress Business space a little bit (how things are changing, acquisitions, etc.). Not to assume you have a crystal ball, but where do you think things are headed? You’ve changed your business model quite a bit since our first interview. Can you share a little bit of your journey over the last three years and what’s brought you to where you are? Let’s shift directions a bit to the small business owner / solopreneur. One thing I’ve been on a little bit of a rant about over the last couple of years is pricing, particularly in the WordPress space. I know you talk about this a lot in WP Elevation. And of course I assume everyone listening is familiar with WP Elevation, but for the listeners who aren’t familiar, can you explain what WP Elevation is? How can people get more leverage out of the work they’re already doing? Who is WP Elevation for? What You're Going to Learn Why Troy shifted from a membership model to a course model for WP Elevation How WP Elevation created the foundation for Rockstar Empires Troy's thoughts on the space of WordPress Businesses What Troy listens to that inspires him to keep challenging himself How creating processes for their staff creates what they teach for the customers & students How people are discovering WordPress every day, and what that means for business Why Troy believes in an abundant universe Troy's prediction for SaaS & the role with WordPress Where to Connect with Troy Website | Facebook | Twitter