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Skills That Every SEO Needs, That Are Not Found In A Tool
Episode 1412th April 2023 • The EMJ SEO Podcast • Matt Hepburn
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It is my great pleasure to bring on the show one of my all-time favorite managers: Michael Impelluso. While working with Mike, I increased my capacity for empathy for my co-workers.  I came to think of my colleagues as customers.

Some of the skills I learned to improve upon were soft skills, hard skills, effective communication between team members and leadership, learning to clarify the ask, time management, and work-life balance.

This episode covers all of these topics, as I find they are essential whether you are working as a freelance consultant, in an agency, or within an enterprise-level marketing department.


Mike is the Vice President of Marketing at CentralReach, the industry’s leading ABA software and services provider that helps organizations serving individuals with autism and IDD deliver evidence-based and personalized care. Mike has over 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Brand Management, and Lead Generation. He has managed agencies that deliver SEO and website services to hundreds of clients and ran corporate teams for privately owned and publicly traded organizations that drove significant bottom-line growth using cohesive digital marketing strategies.


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Questions For Mike:

Can you tell us your background on where you started position-wise in your career and where you have gone?

How did soft skills play a par in your career?

How did additional training with hard skills play a part in your career?

Can you tell us about some challenges you had in getting other teams or senior leadership to align with your vision?

How do you keep your teams agile?

What were your biggest aha moments for managing team members in marketing?

What was your biggest breakthrough in marketing that directly affected how the business performed?

What recommendations can you give to young marketing professionals?

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